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The Following Rules Apply To All Feeder Cattle Sales At SFAA.
  1. Cattle are brought in on Thursday and weighed, sorted by type and weight and graded on Thursday night into pens of like animals for the sale on Friday.
  2. All cattle will be sold to the highest bidder for each pen sold.
  3. All cattle sold are insured to the buyer at the following rates based on mileage from SFAA:
  4. 0 to 200 miles - .33 cents per head
    201 to 500 miles - .42 cents per head
    501 to 750 miles - .92 cents per head
    Over 750 miles - 1.67 cents per head
  5. All cattle sold in pens of 5 head or less are sold 'as is' and no insurance is provided.
  6. If you receive any cattle that are lame and want to file a claim you must provide the tag numbers on the cattle to SFAA. If you do not do this a claim will not be filed and SFAA will not be obligated to compensate the buyer in any way. The claim must be filed within 48 hours after end of sale.
  7. All claims are subject to inspection of the animals by a Veterinarian of choice for SFAA.
  8. The above rules apply to all buyers whether on site at SFAA or via the internet.
For questions or more information contact:
Ben Kent
Sales Manager SFAA

Dear Buyer:

Your are cordially invited to attend our feeder cattle sales in Springville, Indiana. You can purchase feeder livestock that have been health inspected and graded into uniform pens of size, breed, sex, color and with Federal Grade.

Please note that we also have a Bred Heifer Sale each fall, and the IBEP Bull Sale follows. Also, our auctions are available to watch and bid through

As always we strive to give the feeder buyer a more healthful and rugged animal for the feed lot. Also, we are earnestly trying to make our pens of livestock more uniform in quality and size.

All cattle sold at SFAA must have been calved on the consignor's farm, or have been on the farm at least 120 days. All feeder livestock sold at Springville are inspected by a licensed Veterinarian. Our facility is annually inspected by the Indiana Board of Animal Health.

Feeder auctions save time and insure fair prices, as they are a very efficient method of getting feeders from the grassland to your feed lot.

We have an insurance policy, which covers all cattle from the facilities until they are unloaded at the purchaser's farm. The cost of this insurance is added to the buyer's bill.

We sincerely hope you can attend our auctions. For further information write to Springville Feeder Auction Association, P.O. Box 94, Springville, Indiana 47462 or phone 1-812-279-1282. Office hours are Monday, 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

Springville Feeder Auction
PO Box 94
Springville, Indiana 47462
Phone: 812-279-1282
Fax: 812-279-3336

Office Hours:
9:00 - 3:00

10 miles Northwest of Bedford, IN.
4426 State Road 54 W.
Springville, IN
Driving Directions

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