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Rules of Consignment for Feeder Auctions

  1. All consignors are required to sign an affidavit that all livestock consigned to the Springville Feeder Auction is of USA origin.
  3. Consignment Fee: $18.00 per head for Calf Sales and 3% of sale price with a $25 per head minimum for Heifer and Cow sales
  4. Three dollars ($3.00) per head MUST BE TURNED IN WITH CONSIGNMENT. Consignment will not be considered binding on the Association unless the $3.00 per head is paid.
  5. Consignment fee forfeited if cattle are not delivered.
  6. Number of head delivered not to be more than 110% of number consigned.
  7. Each sale limited to the first 1000 head paid consignments.
  8. All cattle to be free of apparent disease.
  9. All cattle remain the property of the consignor until sold.
  10. All cattle must have been ON THE CONSIGNOR FARM 120 DAYS OR MORE PRIOR TO SALE.
  11. Consignors may select ON FARM, UNIFORM pens of 12 or more head of cattle to sell direct.
  12. No bulls accepted, except as shown in schedule.
  13. Any consignor who bids on his own direct consigned livestock, or has someone (relative, employee or any other person) bid on his livestock with the purpose of increasing the final sale price, or who brings cattle which have not been on his farm 120 days will run the risk of forfeiting his right to consign livestock in future sales. All cattle consigned may be subject to on farm spot check
  14. Consignors will be charged $2.50 per head for insurance coverage under a Hartford Insurance policy.
  15. $1.00 per head will be deducted for National Beef Promotion & Research Program Investment Check-off.
  16. Each consignor limited to 200 head of cattle in any one sale.
  17. No cattle accepted after 4:00 P.M. Thursday.
  18. The Association reserves the right to reject cattle not meeting above requirements.
  19. Consignor agrees that any liens upon livestock hereby consigned will be fully satisfied and further agrees to indemnify, hold blameless, and defend the Association, its officers, and directors from any claims on account of the sale of the livestock.
  20. Consignors hereby agree to leave all decisions concerning the weighing and grading of cattle and order of sale to the management of the Association.
  21. Consignor must read and agree to abide by all of the rules and regulations of the Association.
  22. Office hours prior to sale 9:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M. Monday.
  23. If you want to bid over the internet via DVAUCTION.COM contact Springville Feeder Auction Office.
  24. Any disputes or errors must be reported within 10 days of sale date.

  • No consignments accepted over the phone
  • No Cattle for our Friday, 1:00 PM sales will be accepted after 4:00 PM on Thursday
  • If consignor is not able to bring cattle before sale date to which cattle are consigned, please contact the office.
You may print and fill out the consignment form by clicking the link below:

Printable Feeder Auction Consignment Form

Send the form along with fees to:
Springville Feeder Auction
PO Box 94
Springville, Indiana 47462

Email: springvillefeeder@gmail.com
Phone: 812-279-1282
Fax: 812-279-3336

Office Hours:
9:00 - 3:00

10 miles Northwest of Bedford, IN.
4426 State Road 54 W.
Springville, IN

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